Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back from the ethereal dead

Hello ETP readers!
I've been gone for years. So Solly, Cholly.
I was locked out of my account when Google took over Blogspot. It took forever to get it back. Plus other things - crazy, terrifying, impossibly bizarre events occurred that prevented me from keeping current with ETP. I'll update you about those chaotic and fascinating events in due course. But for now, having just - November, 2009 - reestablished control over my blog, I'll have to learn the in's-and-out's and tricks about operating my Blog again - then sit down and begin writing and posting once again.
I guarantee you that you will find my new stories about my personal experiences entertaining, fascinating, instructive, and unbelievable. Although you will most likely think my tales of life in the Philippines and what can happen to you at the hands of Filipina's unbelievable, I assure you it will all be true!
Stay tuned for BS kidnapping's, ghost attorneys, fake land holdings, death threats, assassins, non-existent land deals, non-existent relatives, inheritances, manipulation, cons and scams for money, court cases that never were, theft , a cheating wife's tale, a disappearing wife, and much more.